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Two-Round NBA Mock Draft (Post-Lottery)

A few days have passed since the NBA Draft Lottery, and the initial shock and confusion that clouded minds across the country with questions such as, “What the fuck, Cleveland?” and “How old are Anjali Ranadive and Mallory Edens, REALLY?” have died down (for most of us).

Lots of future upside here…?

In other words, it’s time to pick up the pieces and look at the Draft in a fairly sober, logical manner. Or try.

Or whatever.


Player Name | Primary Position/Secondary | Height Weight; Wingspan | School/Country | Age | Prospect Rank

* Next to Size measurements indicates estimation

Height is determined by combine measurement without shoes + 1”. This negates the ridiculous 2”+ shoes measurements (I’m looking at you, Gary Harris).

Also, I didn’t include Kristaps Porzingis, who I think is likely to withdraw at the late deadline.

1st Round

[IMG] #1 Pick:

Joel Embiid | C/C | 7’1” 250*; 7’6”* | Kansas | 20 | #1 OVR

With Wiggins, you’d be taking a risk in his developing skill-set (the Cavs aren’t exactly free to take a “risk” here), even though he’d bring athleticism and excitement to the team in need of it.

With Parker, you’d be taking a risk with his defensive liabilities and his awkward fit next to Bennett, even if he’s a locker-room friendly guy (coming into a tumultuous one, by most reports) and a safer bet due to his legitimate offensive arsenal.

With Embiid, you’d be taking a risk with his nagging injury concerns, even if he’s the best 2-way talent in this draft.

It’s a crapshoot between the three, but it’s a crapshoot you want to be a part of.

[IMG] #2 Pick:

Andrew Wiggins | SF/SG | 6’8” 205*; 7’0”* | Kansas | 19 | #2 OVR

The Bucks are arguably in a more favorable position, as they seem to be targeting the two Jayhawk prospects, and will likely select whichever one is available here.

Wiggins would be an intriguing fit next to Antetokounmpo and Henson, giving the Bucks quite a few lean athletes to work with.

[IMG] #3 Pick:

Jabari Parker | SF/PF | 6’8” 240*; 7’0”* | Duke | 19 | #3 OVR

Like the Bucks, the Sixers don’t have to put all that much thought into this pick, as they could find a way to accommodate any one of the top three prospects (Embiid would be the most challenging, with Noel in place).

Parker’s polished offensive arsenal would fit well in between the athletic but raw MCW and Noel.

[IMG] #4 Pick:

Dante Exum | SG/PG | 6’6” 196; 6’10” | Australia | 18 | #7 OVR

I’m not sold on Exum as a PG, as his developing handle, body type (top heavy) and shoot-first mentality don’t project well as an NBA floor general. But many scouts and teams are projecting him as the top PG available, and the Magic may be a part of that group.

Either way, there’s little film out there on Exum, and less still on him playing against legitimate competition. How he performs in workouts against the Marcus Smart types will be telling.

[IMG] #5 Pick:

Julius Randle | PF/PF | 6’9” 250; 7’0”| Kentucky | 19 | #4 OVR

Utah has quite a few young pieces, but no true centerpieces amongst that group. Randle may or may not be that guy, but the potential for him to be a high-productivity NBA PF is certainly there.

Favors seems to fit better at the C spot either way, and Kanter doesn’t look like the right fit next to him (this would push him to the bench or onto the trade block).

[IMG] #6 Pick:

Marcus Smart | SG/PG | 6’3” 227; 6’8” | Oklahoma State | 20 | #5 OVR

Boston could go in any number of ways here, but Smart seems to be the guy who would give the Celtics the most flexibility going forward, whether it’s as trade bait, as a lead-guard after Rondo is dealt, or as Rondo’s backcourt companion.

Smart’s versatility and mentality make him an excellent building block for Stevens and company.

[IMG] #7 Pick:

Noah Vonleh | PF/C | 6’9” 247; 7’4” | Indiana | 18 | #6 OVR

Outside of the Pistons, most seem to be calling the Lakers the big losers of the lottery, but this wouldn’t be the worst of scenarios for them, as they can still grab a fairly legitimate prospect in this position (even if the #7 pick has less sex appeal for trades).

Vonleh is a great foundational piece to develop, and could grow into Pau’s replacement.

[IMG] #8 Pick:

Aaron Gordon | PF/SF | 6’9” 220; 7’0” | Arizona | 18 | #9 OVR

While a rim-protector would be the ideal frontcourt companion to Cousins, Gordon’s defensive versatility, athleticism and motor could feasibly work next to him as well.

As long as Sacramento doesn’t try him out as an SF (if you want some late-night scares, check out his shooting splits), Gordon should be fine.

[IMG] #9 Pick: (from DET)

James Young | SG/SF | 6’6” 213; 7’0” | Kentucky | 18 | #8 OVR

Scorers, scorers, scorers – Charlotte needs ’em.

There are a few talented offensive wings available here, but Young possesses the highest upside of the bunch. He has size, length, athleticism and range, even if he has quite a bit of maturing to do as a player.

[IMG] #10 Pick: (from NOP)

Gary Harris | SG/SG | 6’4” 205; 6’7” | Michigan State | 19 | #13 OVR

After picking Parker, the Sixers have the option of addressing the frontcourt spot next to Noel or the backcourt spot next to MCW. The selection of SGs available in this scenario make the latter more likely.

Harris isn’t the biggest or most explosive talent, but he’s a strong defender, shooter and complementary talent that would work well with Parker and MCW.

[IMG] #11 Pick:

Nik Stauskas | SG/SG | 6’6” 207; 6’8” | Michigan | 20 | #11 OVR

Denver could go big or small as well, but Stauskas’ ability to light up the scoreboard from anywhere and everywhere makes him too enticing to pass up in this spot.

A Lawson-Stauskas-Gallinari perimeter would be quite difficult to handle (well, on one end of the floor).

[IMG] #12 Pick: (from NYK)

Clint Capela | PF/C | 6’11” 222; 7’4” | Switzerland | 20 | #17 OVR

While Vucevic has proven himself to be a productive young C , he could use some assistance up front with rim-protection.

Capela would take some time to develop, but his physical tools and defensive upside remind some of Ibaka (he’s more raw offensively however).

#13 Pick:

Doug McDermott | SF/PF | 6’7” 218; 6’9” | Creighton | 22 | #19 OVR

With Love out the door, a PF would seem to be the logical target here, but I tend to assume that Minnesota would want a high pick in any return package (with which they can target a Randle/Vonleh type).

McDermott fits the current mold of a Timberwolves player (insert white joke), and his shooting prowess makes him a valuable addition to any system.

[IMG] #14 Pick:

Dario Saric | PF/SF | 6’10” 225*; 6’10”* | Croatia | 20 | #10 OVR

I feel like Phoenix is up to something, but I’m not projecting any deals here.

Saric would be a nice value either way, and would add a high-post weapon to their frontcourt who can pass and face-up.

[IMG] #15 Pick:

P.J. Hairston | SG/SF | 6’5” 229; 6’9” | D-League | 21 | #16 OVR

Atlanta would miss out on the lottery-caliber wings in this scenario, but would have quite a few guys to choose from in the next group.

Hairston has proven himself to be an explosive scorer in the D-League, and would be a much needed change-up from off-ball wings Korver and Carroll.

[IMG] #16 Pick: (from CHA)

Elfrid Payton | PG/SG | 6’4” 185; 6’8” | Louisiana-Lafayette | 20 | #14 OVR

Chicago picking a PG? The first PG off the board (not counting Exum/Smart) isn’t Ennis? What’s going on here?

For one, I expect Payton to rise past Ennis on most boards, due to his superior physical tools and upside, and two, I think it’s time for Chicago to move on from the Rose era. Payton may not be ready yet, but he could eventually be a 2-way force with the proper development.

[IMG] #17 Pick: (from BKN)

Jusuf Nurkic | C/C | 6’11” 270*; 7’2”* | Bosnia | 19 | #12 OVR

Nurkic is still an unknown to most, but his combination of size/touch/production are guaranteed to make him a coveted prospect. Boston has a few young PFs but no true C for their future, making this a near-perfect fit.

Boston should be ecstatic with a Smart/Nurkic haul from this class.

[IMG] #18 Pick: (from WAS)

Zach LaVine | SG/PG | 6’6” 181; 6’8” | UCLA | 19 | #21 OVR

I’m not buying the “LaVine upped his stock at the combine” talk. We knew who he was: a raw, athletic freak with offensive upside, but with a ton of developing to do. Another thing I don’t buy is the talk of him being a PG in the NBA, stop that. Outside of explosiveness and a UCLA background, him and Westbrook are nothing alike (another thing that needs to end).

But he does have quite a bit of potential as an SG, and the Suns can bring him along slowly.

[IMG] #19 Pick:

Rodney Hood | SF/SG | 6’8” 208; 6’9” | Duke | 21 | #20 OVR

With Mirotic coming over next year, a young big isn’t necessary, so the Bulls can assess the available wings here.

Hood is a good-sized SF with a picturesque stroke, and that might be enough to get them to pull the trigger.

[IMG] #20 Pick:

Tyler Ennis | PG/PG | 6’2” 181; 6’7” | Syracuse | 19 | #22 OVR

The Raptors should and will try anything to keep Lowry around for the foreseeable future, but that shouldn’t affect this selection.

Ennis is a native Canadian who could be brought along slowly off the bench.

[IMG] #21 Pick: (from DAL)

Adreian Payne | PF/C | 6’10” 239; 7’4” | Michigan State | 23 | #15 OVR

It’s painful to watch OKC struggle without Ibaka’s length, rim-protection, and timely shooting.

Payne may not be Ibaka, but he brings length and impressive range for a PF, enough so that if could mimic a fraction of Ibaka’s production, this would be worth it (apparently nobody else on the Thunder roster can).

#22 Pick:

K.J. McDaniels | SF/SG | 6’6” 196; 6’11” | Clemson | 21 | #24 OVR

Does Memphis need another athletic defensive wing? Probably not, but will that stop them from grabbing McDaniels? Probably not.

McDaniels’ athleticism and ability to alter shots would make him a viable replacement for the geriatric Prince.

[IMG] #23 Pick: (from GSW)

T.J. Warren | SF/SF | 6’8” 220; 6’10” | North Carolina State | 20 | #18 OVR

After adding the offensive force Randle, Utah adds one of the most prolific scorers in CBB last year.

Warren is a crafty weapon whose intermediate skill-set should add a new dimension to this young Jazz team

[IMG] #24 Pick: (from POR)

Kyle Anderson | SF/PG | 6’9” 230; 7’3” | UCLA | 20 | #29 OVR

Charlotte seems to be one of the most likely destinations for the incredibly unorthodox Anderson. His ability to create shots would be welcome on a team with a scoring point and a slow pace.

Not to mention that their team defense may be able to hide his obvious shortcomings on that end of the floor.

[IMG] #25 Pick:

Glenn Robinson III | SF/SG | 6’7” 211; 6’10” | Michigan | 20 | #23 OVR

Robinson looks the part of a stud NBA wing, with a nice frame, athleticism, and stroke, but he rarely asserted himself last year.

He clearly has quite a bit of growing still to do, but Houston could use some defense and youth to spell Harden/Parsons off the bench. GR3 isn’t a shutdown defender, but he certainly has the tools to be a solid one.

[IMG] #26 Pick:

Shabazz Napier | PG/SG | 6’0” 175; 6’3” | Connecticut | 22 | #28 OVR

With Chalmers set to hit FA, and LeBron’s supportive tweets about Napier, this might be the most widely predicted late-1st pick in recent memory.

Napier isn’t a physical marvel, but he does have the headiness and range to complement LeBron and company.

[IMG] #27 Pick: (from IND)

Damien Inglis | SF/PF | 6’9” 240*; 7’3”* | French Guiana | 19 | #41 OVR

I’d be shocked if Phoenix didn’t trade this pick, but a stash-project seems like a likely option if they do choose to keep it.

Inglis is a young, physical freak who’s still learning to play on the perimeter.

[IMG] #28 Pick:

Jerami Grant | PF/SF | 6’8” 214; 7’3” | Syracuse | 21 | #26 OVR

Grant’s length and athleticism make his defensive potential enticing, but it’s hard to see him carving out a legitimate offensive niche, considering his tweener concerns.

That said, he possesses a unique physical package, and the Clippers could’ve used him to throw at Durant and company.

[IMG] #29 Pick:

Cleanthony Early | SF/PF | 6’7” 209; 6’11” | Wichita State | 22 | #30 OVR

Early isn’t a fantastic shot-creator, but he has a solid frame, range and scoring instincts. With the Thunder loading up on young prospects, a guy like Early is worth taking a flier on as Durant’s future backup.

[IMG] #30 Pick:

Bogdan Bogdanovic | SG/SF | 6’6” 205*; 6’8”* | Serbia | 21 | #25 OVR

The likelihood of the Spurs finding a foreign gem here is high, and Bogdanovic might just be that guy, considering his solid physical and offensive tools.

2nd Round

[IMG] #31 Pick:

Vasilije Micic | PG/SG | 6’4” 190*; 6’6”* | Serbia | 20 | #27 OVR

Good sized PG with solid upside who will be thrown into a backcourt devoid of it.

[IMG] #32 Pick:

Mitch McGary | C/PF | 6’10” 265*; 7’0”* | Michigan | 21 | #38 OVR

Big strong body with nice hands to complement the rail-thin Noel.

[IMG] #33 Pick: (from ORL)

DeAndre Daniels | SF/PF | 6’8” 196; 7’2” | Connecticut | 22 | #34 OVR

Versatile forward with length who can be developed into a solid rotation piece.

#34 Pick: (from BOS)

Walter Tavares | C/C | 7’2” 275*; 7’8”* | Cape Verde | 22 | #32 OVR

Raw project big with nice fluidity for his freakish size.

[IMG] #35 Pick:

Jordan Adams | SG/SG | 6’5” 209; 6’10” | UCLA | 20 | #35 OVR

Unorthodox SG who makes up for his lack of athleticism with scoring instincts and ball-hawk ability on D.

[IMG] #36 Pick: (from LAL)

C.J. Wilcox | SG/SG | 6’5” 201; 6’10” | Washington | 23 | #31 OVR

NBA-ready sharpshooter with underrated physical tools.

[IMG] #37 Pick: (from SAC)

Patric Young | C/PF | 6’10” 247; 7’2” | Florida | 22 | #33 OVR

Strong defensive big with smarts and an NBA-ready body.

#38 Pick:

DeAndre Kane | PG/SG | 6’4” 200; 6’8” | Iowa State | 24 | #40 OVR

Athletic stat-sheet filler who can make plays on either end.

[IMG] #39 Pick: (from CLE)

Nick Johnson | PG/SG | 6’3” 198; 6’7” | Arizona | 21 | #48 OVR

Decorated combo-guard with solid range and athleticism.

#40 Pick: (from NOP)

Cory Jefferson | PF/PF | 6’9” 218; 7’1” | Baylor | 23 | #36 OVR

Well-rounded PF with solid length.

[IMG] #41 Pick:

Jarnell Stokes | PF/C | 6’8” 263; 7’1” | Tennessee | 20 | #37 OVR

Bruising big who uses body well inside to finish.

[IMG] #42 Pick: (from NYK)

Artem Klimenko | C/C | 7’1” 240*; 7’3”* | Russia | 20 | #45 OVR

Huge body who would likely be an overseas stash project.

[IMG] #43 Pick:

Jabari Brown | SG/SG | 6’4” 202; 6’8” | Missouri | 21 | #39 OVR

Microwave SG with range and solid athleticism.

#44 Pick:

Fuquan Edwin | SG/SF | 6’6” 207; 6’8” | Seton Hall | 22 | #42 OVR

DTA wing who could add some defense to Wolves’ perimeter.

[IMG] #45 Pick:

Isaiah Austin | C/PF | 7’1” 220; 7’3” | Baylor | 20 | #50 OVR

Underachieving big with size and range, but his offensive ability could be utilized here.

#46 Pick:

Thanasis Antetokounmpo | SF/SG | 6’6” 205; 7’0” | D-League | 21 | #54 OVR

Raw athlete with defensive upside. Ariza insurance?

[IMG] #47 Pick: (from BKN)

Jordan Clarkson | PG/SG | 6’4” 186; 6’8” | Missouri | 21 | #44 OVR

How many picks can a team have? While he’s similar to MCW in size, Clarkson is more of a scorer.

[IMG] #48 Pick: (from TOR)

Spencer Dinwiddie | SG/PG | 6’6” 205; 6’8” | Colorado | 20 | #47 OVR

Another guard to test out. Dinwiddie is heady and smart, but an ACL injury hurt his stock.

[IMG] #49 Pick:

Jordan McRae | SG/SG | 6’5” 179; 7’1” | Tennessee | 23 | #46 OVR

Long athlete at SG who could be molded into defensive asset for Thibs.

[IMG] #50 Pick:

Jordan Bachynski | C/C | 7’2” 254; 7’3” | Arizona State | 24 | #56 OVR

In-state product with shot-blocking prowess.

#51 Pick:

Deonte Burton | PG/SG | 6’1” 193; 6’7” | Nevada | 22 | #43 OVR

Athletic/dynamic scoring guard who would push Larkin for his spot.

[IMG] #52 Pick: (from MEM)

Dwight Powell | PF/C | 6’11” 234; 7’1” | Stanford | 22 | #49 OVR

Good sized big with solid offensive tools to try out with one of their seventy-two picks.

#53 Pick: (from GSW)

Russ Smith | PG/SG | 6’1” 160; 6’4” | Louisville | 22 | #53 OVR

Explosive scoring guard to try out behind Rubio.

[IMG] #54 Pick: (from HOU)

Markel Brown | SG/SG | 6’4” 184; 6’9” | Oklahoma State | 22 | #58 OVR

Like what the fuck, Hinkie? Seriously? Brown’s a solid shooter and athlete.

[IMG] #55 Pick:

Lamar Patterson | SF/SG | 6’5” 226; 6’11” | Pittsburgh | 22 | #61 OVR

Smooth shooter who would hopefully help show James Jones the door.

[IMG] #56 Pick: (from POR)

Khem Birch | PF/C | 6’9” 209; 7’1” | UNLV | 21 | #55 OVR

Athletic PF who’s a solid shot-blocker and rebounder.

#57 Pick:

Jahii Carson | PG/SG | 5’11” 180; 6’2″ | Arizona State | 21 | #52 OVR

Small, explosive scoring guard who could help an unproductive bench.

[IMG] #58 Pick: (from LAC)

Bryce Cotton | PG/PG | 6’0” 165*; 6’4”* | Providence | 21 | #59 OVR

While he’s off most NBA radars, Cotton has the smarts to fit into the Spurs’ farm system.

[IMG] #59 Pick: (from OKC)

Roy Devyn Marble | SG/SF | 6’6” 192; 6’9” | Iowa | 21 | #51 OVR

Solid sized wing with a nice stroke. Could someday be useful for a team still playing John Salmons.

[IMG] #60 Pick:

Alec Brown | C/C | 7’1” 231; 7’1” | Wisconsin Green Bay | 21 | #66 OVR

While he’s not the most physical big around, Brown’s 3-point range gets him drafted.

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