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Malevolent Men of the Week of April 27th

Johnny Cueto’s 12 strikeouts won him our last Malevolent Man award and he’s still been on somewhat of a tear lately so I attribute that solely to me. And I guess everyone who votes as well, whatever. On to this week!

1. Lance Stephenson

The Pacers were (kind of still are) the laughing stock of the playoffs. They were on the brink of elimination by the Atlanta Hawks, a team people were ready to jettison from the playoffs altogether. Stephenson came up huge in the final game between the two teams, scoring 19 points and being a nuisance all over the boards snagging a team-high 14 rebounds. While doing all of that, he also did this:

Everyone watch that because this man is getting paid by someone who’s not Indiana this off-season.

Here are the rest of Stephenson’s highlights:

2. Yasiel Puig

Personally he’s a big reason I still pay attention to baseball. “Purists” want to denounce him for being too flashy and bringing too much fun to their ever-so-gentlemanly sport of baseball




You guys are classy gentlemen of scholar!

Anyways yeah they hate him for having fun playing a sports game or something, I don’t know.
But this bat flip on the homerun he hit Saturday against the Marlins…


Does that hurt baseball traditionalists? Good, because that’s the only reason I put him here. To make you squirm.

3. Damian Lillard

Of course Trillard, the point guard for the Portland Trillblazers is going to be on this, you kidding me? One of the most incredible finishes to one of the best series we’ll ever see in the NBA.
Lillard’s legacy was cemented even before his third season with that shot. No joke, that shot and Portland’s reaction was years of injury-ridden anguish being forgotten and the future shining bright on one of the best fan bases and franchises in the NBA.
Not to mention it gave us this wicked Vine:

And this dope video mash-up that makes Portland fans tear up from joy twice and Rocket fans shed a misery tear from each eye.

4. Zach Parise

The Stanley Cup Playoffs are always beautiful to watch. It’s a shame they coincide with the NBA Playoffs because they really are a spectacle that should be appreciated in its own sphere.
Evgeni Malkin knocked in a hat trick in Game 6 against the Blue Jackets to keep the state of Ohio in a state of misery when it comes to pro sports and send Pittsburgh to the next round against New York.

5. Trevor Ariza

When it was announced that Nene would be suspended, people chalked up Game 5 as an easy win for the Chicago Bulls. No way they win without their best big man right? Nope.
(Contract year) Trevor Ariza had something to say about that with his 30 points because (Contract year) Ariza is playing for more than a simple win (he’s playing for a contract). He’s playing to show that he’s not just a role player (and that he wants a new contract). He wants to show teams that he is a former NBA champion (contract) that deserves respect (But mostly he wants a new contract).

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