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The “Good Job, Good Effort” Moments for the Week of April 27th

We’re back again to vote on another Good Job, Good Effort performance of the week. Last installment we had Mark Emmert take home the title and we’re glad the prestigious president of the NCAA is hung in the illustrious halls of the Bad Men Bureau studio…or shack…closet?

I’m going to skip out of Donald Sterling because if we had a Good Job, Good Effort equivalent to the “Bad Man Approved” label, he’d be the inaugural entry.

Vote for your pick at the bottom.

1. Fox Sports 1

This past week Fox Sports 1 pulled the plug on Crowd Goes Wild, a very original variety sports show that was highlighted as Regis Philbin’s return to television. The idea was daring as it was a true variety show similar to (But then more loose than) ESPN’s Sportsnation.

Regis was supported with a good cast of very appealing personalities, like Katie Nolan, that hopefully will get a shot elsewhere.

But the problem isn’t just that Fox Sports 1 cancelled the show, it’s what they’re replacing it with…

Via Awful Announcing:

To replace the show, which will air a finale on May 8th, on their schedule, Fox Sports 1 is expanding their Mike Francesa simulcast to 5 PM, pushing NASCAR Race Hub back to a 5 PM start time, and will continue to air America’s Pregame at 6 PM.


C’mon FS1…

2. The San Jose Sharks

The Sharks blew a 3-0 series lead to the Los Angeles Kings this past week to complete a very depressing collapse. It isn’t a new thing in the NHL to have a 3-0 leader fall in the series; it’s just as funny as ever though, especially when the last game is a 5-1 shellacking.

Sharks fans have already suffered enough…but to make it more fun for us we’re going to continue the misery.

3. V. Stiviano

Sterling’s of limits, but his mistress isn’t. V, because that’s her first name or something, went on 20/20 this past week and claimed that Donald Sterling is not a racist…that’s it. That’s all that needed to be said to put her here. Also I love how 20/20 refers to her as Sterling’s “assistant” as if we needed a vaguer title to give her.

She said, “I don’t believe that in my heart” when Barbara Walters asked her straight up if Sterling is racist. No satire, no lying, she honestly believes this. After the encounter that everyone’s heard on audio tape, after everything Sterling has done to his tenants of different diversities that’s what she says. I got nothing.

Vote for her, neutrality to the wind.

4. Marko Jaric

Did I say vote for Stiviano? I meant vote for Marko Jaric because he just committed the ultimate crime:

“Breaking up with an insanely hot girlfriend under any circumstance” – The Official Law of Existing, probably

Who was his insanely attractive girlfriend, you ask? Why Victoria’s Secret model Adriana Lima.

Here’s where I pause for you to go Google if you don’t already know. I’ll wait.

Done? Cool.

Anyways Jaric man, what happened? You had it in the bag. But on the bright side, fellow nerds everywhere can rejoice! Another girl you have no chance with is back on the market.

5. Jameis Winston

No not for stealing crab legs. Okay, yes for stealing crab legs but also for bringing sports twitter to a painful period of horrifically bad crab leg puns.



You’re the worst.

Are you even trying?

This is why I hate people.

I’m done.

Thanks Jameis.

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