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The “Good Job, Good Effort” Moments for the Week of April 13th

Despite a brief lull in the action last week, we are back with a brand new edition of “Good Job, Good Effort”. Our previous installation had Cleanthony Early taking the honors handily.

But now, the Stanley Cup Playoffs have begun, the NBA regular season has concluded, and the MLB season is in full swing. The wonderment in all of these is, no, not the majesty of each spectacle…but the continued opportunity for more hilarious and embarrassing moments in sports.
Be sure to vote who you think you has the best case for the not-so-prestigious award. So without further ado, your “Good Job, Good Effort” nominees of the week:

1. Nick “Swaggy ‘I’m Dating Iggy Azalea, So Who Cares What You Think’ P” Young

Honestly, it should be a crime to have this man in anything, but the Basketball Hall of Fame at this point. He’s dating a dime in Australian rapper Iggy Azalea, plus, he had to have heard that J.R. Smith set the record for most three pointers attempted…and he had the self-restraint to not hoist up 23 of his own.

But unfortunately Laker fans have another bone to pick with Swaggy P. The soon-to-be former Laker racked up 41 points against the Utah Jazz, propelling his team to a 119 to 104 victory. Why is this bad? Because the Lakers want to do anything but win at this point, but Young of course is playing for a future contract with another team so he couldn’t give two expletives what Laker fans think.

Who doesn’t love Laker fan tears?

2. The Toronto Blue Jays bullpen

I don’t think I should name them just to save them the embarrassment (Steve Delebar, Sergio Santos, and J.A. Happ).

Setting the scene, the Blue Jays are up 5-3 in the bottom eighth inning and the rest happens…

^There. Just click the image.

I mean…how? Does that need a description?

3. This Spurs fan

I mean the barber might make my Malevolent Man of the Week post because that takes mad skill but the recipient…
Here’s the part where I would make a joke about Spurs fans—being a Suns fan myself—but I can’t bring myself to it because having this man among the fan base should be punishment enough.
Also, he didn’t even get the right players.


4. Mark Emmert

Hard to imagine the President of the NCAA making mistakes, right? I mean the NCAA has been such a beacon of freedom and institutional structure within college athletics that the man fronting the entire organization has to be on top of it.

Normally he would be, if he weren’t Mark Emmert. This has been a fun week for the chief of the NCAA. First he changed the NCAA’s food policy to allow athletes to have more than one small order of beans for dinner, conveniently after Shabazz Napier’s comments about not having food some nights…conveniently. Then he had the nerve to go on Mike and Mike in the Morning and say it was mere coincidence that the policy change happened as soon as Napier’s comments went viral. OK man.

But the best thing to happen all week, for us not him, was his #AskEmmert Q&A session on Mike and Mike. The results were hilarious and predictable.

Good job internet!

5. The Houston Astros

I thought they could make it! I thought the Stros could make it a month without being here or at least I hoped they could.

Wednesday night the Astros’ phenom prospect, George Springer, made his MLB debut and fans had a reason to be hyped to see what all the suffering had gotten them. Here at Texas State there are a lot of Astros faithful that populate the San Marcos streets so even I felt the hype.

Someone probably should’ve told Minute Maid Park though…

*Look at his name*



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