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Malevolent Men of the Week of March 30th

You saw my “Good Job, Good Effort” column on Saturday. Well how about a less satirical post about the best performances of the week? That’s what the new “Malevolent Man of the Week” will be. Here at the Bad Man Bureau, we have a strict policy on what constitutes a “Bad Man”, and that criterion isn’t met weekly or even monthly. In exchange for our necessary pretentious use of the Bad Man label, we’ve decided to award a weekly Malevolent Man to athletes (usually, at least) who exhibit a performance that warrants more of a lunch detention as opposed to an expulsion in the school of sports.

1. Freddie Freeman

Two home runs for the young Atlanta Braves first baseman, against the Brewers, who could spark up some MVP talk come season’s end if he continues the run he had last season. He and the Brewers have some history that was a result of Freeman’s refusal to take trash talk from a player of lesser malevolence.

2. Mark Buehrle

Eight innings pitched, no runs and 11 strikeouts for Buehrle to pick up his first win of the year Wednesday night against the Rays. Could’ve also put Jose Bautista here with his two home runs, but great pitching needs love too.

3. James Harden

Hey, remember when the Thunder traded Harden? Well he always seems to remind them that he was a pretty decent player every time the Rockets play Oklahoma City. Dropping 39 points, nine rebounds and dishing seven assists against his former team.

4. DeMarcus Cousins

BOOGIE! For as much hate as he gets, he deserves recognition when he does well. Boogie had 35 points and 14 rebounds against Anthony Davis (coughcoughandGregStiemsma) and the Pelicans to give the Kings the win and to make the decision to “pay da man” a little easier.

5. Aaron Harrison

I mean did you really need to think on this one? Two game-winners that make Robert Horry jump out of his seat and do the Terrio. Are we going to dwell on the fact that he shot 37.5% against Wisconsin? No, why not? I’ll let Greg Oden’s younger brother tell you why.



Ishmael Johnson is a a senior at Texas State University and is majoring in journalism. He is the Assistant Sports Director at Texas State’s student-run radio station KTSW 89.9-FM and the men’s basketball beat reporter for the University Star. If you have any questions you can contact Ishmael on Twitter @Ish_46.

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About Ishmael Johnson (6 Articles)
Ishmael Johnson is a senior journalism major at Texas State University. He's the sports blog editor for KTSW 89.9 and Co-Host to the Friday edition of Bobcat Radio. A native Austinite, his sports allegiances (Titans, Suns) are as divergent as his Austin-appropriate music taste. Along with sports, he's known to ramble on about music and television. Contact: or

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