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Trade Deadline Quick Reactions

Danny Granger and Evan Turner are switching jerseys… and situations.
Photo by Matt Slocum/AP.

With the trade deadline for the 2013-14 NBA season come and gone, how did every team do?  Here’s a concise look at all thirty teams–yes, even the teams that didn’t do anything deserve a few words on their non-trades!–in regards to how the trades over the last two days might affect each franchise for the second half of the season:

Atlanta Hawks

In: Antawn Jamison

Out: Rights to Cenk Akoyl

With seemingly every big man injured, it makes sense for the suddenly collapsing Atlanta Hawks to find a big man.  It helps that they were able to buy low on Jamison, who while well past his prime, is still capable of filling backup minutes at power forward.  UPDATE: The Hawks plan to buyout Jamison’s contract.

Boston Celtics

In: Nothing

Out: Not Rajon Rondo!

Boston was reportedly shopping Rondo around (for like the billionth time), but the asking price was probably way too high.  Outside of that, nobody wants Gerald Wallace.

Brooklyn Nets

In: Marcus Thornton

Out: Jason Terry, Reggie Evans, yet more luxury tax payments

Marcus Thornton doesn’t move the needle all that much, but he can get on a short hot streak and help, which Jason Terry’s corpse and Reggie Evans can’t provide.  Brooklyn is probably better off not trading for Jordan Hill and breaking up a rotation that’s playing well in 2014.

Charlotte Bobcats

In: Gary Neal, Luke Ridnour

Out: Ramon Sessions, Jeff Adrien

I LOVE THIS TRADE.  Luke Ridnour is a solid, if unspectacular point guard who—when healthy—can help keep the Charlotte offense from dying when Kemba is off the floor.  Gary Neal is a floor spacer that can help this offensively-challenged squad.  And best of all was that Charlotte didn’t trade Ben Gordon’s expiring deal into another Tyrus Thomas situation.

Chicago Bulls

In: None

Out: None

I’m sure the team would have liked to have moved Carlos Boozer, but that was always going to be a pipe dream.  I don’t even know Chicago knew if they really wanted to commit to being a buyer or seller, so doing nothing is probably the best move.

Cleveland Cavaliers

In: Spencer Hawes

Out: Earl Clark, Henry Sims, 2 Second Round Picks

I guess this is another attempt to make a push for the playoffs?  I’m not sure this deal really moves the Cavaliers—recent winning streak notwithstanding—into a playoff contender status.  The fact that the team was trying to trade Luol Deng after shipping off three first round picks and Andrew Bynum’s not fully-guaranteed deal is hilarious.

Dallas Mavericks



Dallas is playing relatively well, and the team is pretty asset-poor in terms of pieces both other teams would want and Dallas would want to move.  There just wasn’t any reason for Dallas to make a move unless it was an obvious win for them.

Denver Nuggets

In: Aaron Brooks, Jan Vesely

Out: Andre Miller, Jordan Hamilton, Second Round Pick

Denver had to move Andre Miller; there was no way they could keep him.  Losing a second round pick to Philadelphia is the price Denver had to pay to avoid getting Eric Maynor’s two-year deal.  I do like that Denver was able to turn Jordan Hamilton into a backup point guard.

Detroit Pistons

In: Nothing

Out: Joe Dumars soon?

Reports of Detroit trying to move Josh Smith were funny not only because most thought the signing was a mistake to begin with but also because I doubt anyone in the league was honestly all that interested after watching Smith play this season.  At least it looks like Dumars is trying to fix one of his many mistakes early in the deal, unlike the Ben Gordon trade last year.

Golden State Warriors

In: Steve Blake

Out: Kent Bazemore, MarShon Brooks

Remember when a number of people thought the Warriors easily won the Jordan Crawford trade earlier this season?  Yeah, that’s not working out as evidenced by this move.  Steve Blake is likely to get the vast majority—if not all—of Crawford’s minutes at the point guard spot (not that Crawford won’t get minutes, but he clearly wasn’t the answer).

Houston Rockets

In: Jordan Hamilton, Sad Omer Asik again?

Out: Aaron Brooks

The Rockets moved a player who is offense-first and second who was only getting minutes due to injury… to acquire a player who is offense-first and second and will likely only get minutes due to injuries.  And with the deadline (the real one, not Morey’s declared one!) come and gone, is Asik back to pouting since he’s still in Houston?

Indiana Pacers

In: Evan Turner, Lavoy Allen

Out: Danny Granger, Second Round Pick

Indiana’s bench is bad at scoring, and Evan Turner can provide a scoring punch off the bench.  Lavoy Allen is an underrated piece of this trade, though I don’t know how he’ll find minutes in Vogel’s rotation unless it’s at the cost of Ian Mahinmi.

Los Angeles Clippers

In: Draft Rights to Cenk Akoyl, Second Round Pick

Out: Antawn Jamison, Byron Mullens

The Clippers were foolish for signing these two in the offseason, and they’ve unloaded them for basically nothing.  I’m probably a bit higher than most on Raymond Felton and Iman Shumpert while being lower than most on Darren Collison, so I don’t understand why the Clippers didn’t jump on that deal.

With the addition of Kent Bazemore to Robert Sacre, the Los Angeles Lakers are assembling quite the cheerleading bench crew. Photo by Carlos Osorio/AP

Los Angeles Lakers

In: MarShon Brooks, Kent Bazemore

Out: Steve Blake

At one point last night, ESPN had Steve Blake as the Lakers “premier” player on the Rockets-Lakers graphic.  I’d like to know who took his place when he got traded last night.  The Lakers did deal with one of their cap hold questions by nabbing two lower cap holds and saving tax money.

Memphis Grizzlies

In: Nothing

Out: Nothing

Why mess something up when it’s going so well?

Miami Heat

In: Second Round Pick

Out: Roger Mason Jr.

Why didn’t Miami just waive Mason when they had the chance to get rid of him for nothing before deals became guaranteed?  Now they’ve actually paid to get rid of Mason.

Ramon Sessions returns to the Milwaukee Bucks. Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

Milwaukee Bucks

In: Ramon Sessions, Jeff Adrien

Out: Luke Ridnour, Gary Neal

Milwaukee gets two expiring contracts, including Ramon Sessions and his offensive explosion that always happens right before the end of the season.  I think the front office is probably a little disappointed they lost Ridnour, but they must be happy with moving the increasingly disgruntled Gary Neal.

Minnesota Timberwolves

In: Nothing

Out: Nothing

Minnesota somehow got lumped into two of the stupidest trade rumors (Allen+Prince/Barea+Budinger and Love-to-Lakers/Mavericks) during the deadline, but neither thankfully came to fruition.  Flip Saunders were aggressive in trying to move JJ Barea but the second fully-guaranteed year was most likely the biggest stumbling block.

New Orleans Pelicans

In: Nothing

Out: Nothing

I think the Pelicans are resigned to the fact that they probably made a mistake trading their 2014 pick to Philadelphia.  They aren’t making the playoffs, but the owner almost certainly refuses to blow everything up half a season into creating this new “core”.

New York Knicks

In: Nothing

Out: Nothing

Why do I get the feeling the Knicks would have rejected a deal centered around Josh Smith and Amar’e Stoudmire?  Same reason they were trying to get Kyle Lowry (who almost certainly would have exploded in the Knicks locker room at least three times this season alone) instead of Jeff Teague.  For that sweet, sweet 2015 cap space that they’ll end up using for bad contracts.

Oklahoma City Thunder

In: Russell Westbrook playing

Out: Nothing

Oklahoma City didn’t need to make a move since the team is playing so well, despite all of the machinations that the team had a traded player exception burning in their pocket.  Never underestimate an owner unwilling to go into the luxury tax.

Orlando Magic

In: Nothing

Out: Nothing

Jameer Nelson and Glen Davis were rumored to be potential departures for this team, but neither of them are simply unnecessary on the Magic.  This team is in the midst of a rebuild, not trying to continue to tear things down.

Philadelphia 76ers

In: Earl Clark, Henry Sims, Danny Granger, Eric Maynor, 5 Second Round Picks

Out: Spencer Hawes, Evan Turner, Lavoy Allen

Poor Thaddeus Young.  I don’t think he even knows who his teammates are.  Philadelphia and Sacramento also seem to be attempting some sort of arms race for building a roster with the most tweeners or players who can play at both forward spots.  Also, doesn’t Philly now own half of the second round or close to it?  Can Adam Silver make them submit all of their consecutive picks at once?

Phoenix Suns

In: Nothing

Out: Nothing

If there’s ever been a sign that expiring contracts are devalued in today’s NBA, it’s the fact that Emeka Okafor’s paid-by-insurance-fully expiring deal was not moved.  Phoenix couldn’t find a taker willing to send an asset for their surprise playoff push.

Portland Trailblazers

In: Nothing

Out: Nothing

For the first time in years, the Trailblazers did not trade with any partner.  With their surprise season, it makes sense that the franchise would be averse to making any moves that could threaten the cohesiveness of the roster.

Marcus Thornton and Jason Terry are switching teams. Photo by Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images.

Sacramento Kings

In: Jason Terry, Reggie Evans, Roger Mason Jr.

Out: Marcus Thornton, Second Round Pick

Moving Marcus Thornton allows Ben McLemore to become the full-time starter for the shooting guard position, which was necessary to continue the potential franchise piece’s development.  I don’t quite understand Sacramento’s reasoning for agreeing to acquire Roger Mason Jr. only to waive him though.

San Antonio Spurs

In: Austin Daye

Out: Nando De Colo

Earlier in the season, San Antonio was reportedly pursuing a backup small forward aggressively.  If a trade were made earlier in the season, it’s fair to wonder if it would be Patty Mills and not De Colo shipped off.  Instead, Patty Mills has emerged as a potential candidate for Most Improved and De Colo ends up in Toronto.

Toronto Raptors

In: Nando De Colo

Out: Austin Daye

For Toronto, this move was probably entirely made with the knowledge that De Colo has a qualifying option should he impress but would otherwise cost the Raptors nothing for 2014-15.  Austin Daye, though with an non-guaranteed contract, will still cost the Spurs a small sum of money if he is waived before June 30.

Utah Jazz

In: Nothing

Out: Nothing

The Utah Jazz were clearly not going to move Gordon Hayward at the deadline, but the team should be worried that there is serious interest for his services this offseason.  For a team that tries to avoid the luxury tax, that could pose a potential problem.

Washington Wizards

In: Andre Miller

Out: Eric Maynor, Jan Vesely, Second Round Pick

Washington gets a backup point guard who can hopefully bolster an anemic bench while also ridding themselves of the bust that is Jan Vesely and the ghost of Eric Maynor.  The durable and intelligent Andre Miller also gets another chance to play basketball rather than rot in Denver.


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